Benchmark Tests

What are benchmark tests?

Certain students are tested every year based on their grade level or classes that they take.

We are required to track those students' learning throughout the year.

Who has to take a test?

All freshmen and sophomores taking Algebra I, Geometry, ELA 9, ELA 10, Biology are required to take tests. (In Galileo)

Juniors and Seniors also will take a benchmark test based on the Accuplacer. (In Edgenuity)

What tests do I take and when?

9th/10th Graders

Near the start of your course, you'll need to take the Pretest.

After you finish part A of your course, you'll take a benchmark test (called CBAS #2).

After you finish part B of your course, you'll take the Posttest.

11th/12th Graders

Take pretest at the start of the year or as soon as you are able.

Take the posttest near the end of the year or before you graduate/leave.

How do I take a Galileo benchmark test? (9th and 10th graders only)

1) Go to the Galileo Login Page:

2) Login

  • Username: Same as Edgenuity

  • Password: your first name, your last initial, your birthdate

    • Password doesn't work? See below for help.

3) Choose the correct year, school, and course

  • Don't see 2020-2021 or the correct course? See below for help.

4) Click the yellow "Take Test" button.

How do I take my Edgenuity Accuplacer Test (11th and 12th graders)

1) Log into Edgenuity as usual.

2) Choose the VT-Accuplacer Math or VT-Accuplacer Reading courses.

3) Take the test as appropriate. Be sure to submit when complete.

Pretest should be taken near the start of the year as possible.

Posttest should be taken near the end of the year or before graduating / leaving for the year.


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