Student Orientation Guide

Return to Learning Plan


  • Arrive at HHS early or on time and attend school every day.

  • Be aware of your progress in courses and participate in your learning.

  • Advocate for yourself: ask for help!

  • Follow school safety protocols.


  • The CDC recommends all people wear a face mask in school!

  • Wash hands frequently.

  • Disinfect workstations.

  • Temp check (if you have a fever, you will be sent home).

  • Stay home if you feel sick. Call the HHS office to say you won’t be coming in. You can speak with your teacher about make-up learning when you return.

  • Additional mitigating strategies include daily sanitization and cleaning, hand sanitizers across campus, bathroom and hallway monitoring to reduce student contact, bathroom door foot handles, less student movement between classrooms to minimize contact, reduced class sizes, contact tracing per Maricopa County Department of Public Health Administration guidelines.

ID requirement:

  • HHS issued ID is MANDATORY at all times while on campus.

Protective Measures:

“At Hope High School we put the physical and psychological safety of all students and staff first. As such, our policy is to immediately remove any individual from our campus for participating in or instigating: violence of any kind, bullying, drug/alcohol/vape use, threatening words or behaviors, or any other behaviors that could potentially put others' physical or psychological safety at risk.

While consequences are not punitive, please note that we take the safety of all people on our campus, especially our students, very seriously.“

Mrs. O’Connell, Principal at Hope HS


  • The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended that all people in K-12 schools wear a face covering (mask).
    -K.Hoffman, ADE

  • Any apparel displaying profanity, drugs, alcohol, vaping, tobacco, sexual content, or violence is strictly prohibited at HHS.

  • Clothing must cover undergarments.

  • Tops must be appropriate for school and business settings (common sense).

  • Pants/shorts/skirts must cover buttocks even when seated.

  • Administration has the right to determine what is and is not acceptable for school.

  • Preventing sexual harassment, violence & drug use are our goals.

Safety and learning are our main priorities.


  • CELL PHONES are for instructional use ONLY! If they are misused, there will be consequences.

    • Parents please NOTE: Do not call students during the school day on their cell phone. Contact the school at 623-772-8013 to be connected in case of emergency.

  • All headphones should be wired and plugged into school laptop when in use.

  • No personal laptops on school campus.

  • Participation in learning and collaboration are part of instruction. Always speak with your teacher if something makes you feel uncomfortable and we will make it work!

  • Take assessments seriously! It’s how your teachers know how to best improve instruction for you, and how the state ranks us.

  • Take responsibility for completing independent classwork. You must do the work to earn the grade. WE can help!

Daily Bell Schedule


  • Only your assigned Teacher may submit your course completion & grade.

  • Your advisor always assigns a new course.


  • Sports: CAA Basketball (2019 Division Champs); Competitive Disc Golf; other team sports

  • VIP: Life-changing (virtual or in-person) experiences and learning to design a life of Value, Independence, and Purpose

  • Cali Trip: Beach, theme park, ton's of fun!

  • Student Council and other student-driven clubs


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  • Access: Infinite Campus, Edgenuity, your Blueprint email

  • Testing: IXL, Galileo, Benchmarks, & Civics test information.

  • Tutoring: UPchieve and Edgenuity

  • Announcements: News, Upcoming Events & Trips.

  • Student/Parent Handbook: Available on the website > Parents

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