Classroom Procedures in Room E with Mr Buehnerkemper

Chromebooks and Desks - Beginning and End of Class

    Students may be assigned a desk as part of a seating chart. Each desk is numbered which matches a specific Chromebook from the cart. When students enter the classroom, they are expected to grab the Chromebook from the cart that matches their desk. At the end of the class period, they may leave the Chromebooks on their numbered desks (with the exception of 4th period, who will put the Chromebooks away in the cart at the end of class).

Student Folders

    Every student will have a folder which will be in the filing cabinet by the door of the classroom. If the student does not have a binder or folder that they keep papers/notes in, this is where they should be kept. Students are expected to keep this folder neat and tidy. Progress checks with advisors will be kept in these folders as well.

On Time Attendance

    Students should be in class and on time every day. In class means physically in the classroom you are assigned to and on time means in the room by the time the tardy bell rings, every period.
    You are late and need a tardy pass when you come into the room after the period's starting bell rings.
    Students will receive points for being on time each day.


While Mr B will be teaching nearly every day, the direct instruction activities in the Edgenuity course will still be active. Mr B will go back and pass those activities with a grade AFTER you've attended that class. If you do not attend the class in which we cover that content, you will still need to watch the direct instruction portion of the lesson in order to complete the course and receive a final grade.

Grade Weights

  • Quizzes 25%
  • Tests 30%
  • Exam 20%
  • Assignments 20% (25% if no Labs/Projects)
  • Labs/Projects 5%


To pass assessments you must score
  • Quizzes - 60%
  • Tests - 70%
  • Exam - 70%
Pretests are activated but you must score 100%. Mr B will use this as a teaching tool. You are not expected to pass pretests with 100%. The point of pretests are to tell what you know before the lesson. If you don't know something that means that you need to learn it. Preserve and protect the integrity of pretests by doing them by yourself without study aids of any kind.


Sometimes we may not finish every activity for the lesson in class. You are still expected to complete the whole lesson (with the exception of the direct instruction portion if you are present for class).


    Every student has the opportunity to earn Dojo for positive behaviors and academic integrity in the classroom. Things you can earn Dojo for include being on time to class, working together as a team, showing respect to fellow students, having school pride, getting started on your class work right away, working on your course until dismissed, a full week of perfect attendance to class, and more!
    These Dojo can be redeemed for things like Store Credit, Free Day passes, positive phone call/email/letter home, Get-Phone-Out-Of-Jail card, and more!

Achievement Board

    Student achievement will be posted using color codes on our achievement board. Each student will have a row that shows overall grade and actual grade by week. The grades will be color coded on a sliding scale, with grades 60% or lower being red, and grades 90% or higher being green. Anything in between is some shade of red, yellow, or green.

Hall Pass & Bathroom Breaks

    Students may use the hall pass a total of 3 times each week. If you use it all three times, you can't use it again until the following week. Extra Dojo are given to students who have leftover passes at the end of the week. Even more are available for students who don't use any in a week.

Food and Drink

    Having food and drink in the classroom is a privilege not a right, especially since students are in school for only four hours. Students who abuse this by leaving trash and/or food around the classroom, causing food/drink related damage to technology, and not cleaning up after themselves will loose this privilege for their whole class. Be a team player and pick up after yourself/your peers.


    As this is a direct instruction classroom and you need to be able to pay attention to your teacher for the whole class period, you will not be allowed to have earbuds in during class at any time
    The exception to this would be for students in fourth period who are currently working independently (not in direct instruction on that day) or if there is a sub. When you are allowed to listen to music, you must do so through your computers (not your phones), and it must be quiet enough so that if someone were to walk by you, they can't hear it.

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

    If you are using or a teacher sees your cell phone at all, it will be taken away for the rest of the day. Plain and simple. It's your choice! If you would like a teacher to keep your phone safe for the day, by all means, take it out, use it in any way. If you would rather be able to have it during passing periods and not need to come back and pick it up at the end of the day, keep it away and off.

Updates to Classroom Procedures and Policies

Classroom Procedures and Policies may be updated at any time. Updates will be announced in class, in Google Classroom, and added to this page highlighted in color. Even if you are not present, or do not read the announcements, you are still held accountable. Come to class every day, read all announcements, and stay on top of class!